About Me

LeAnne “Lelee” Lyons is a Bronx, NY native who currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. As a young girl, and mother of two by the age of 17, Lelee was determined to change the way people looked at her. Feeling like a failure and disappointment to her mother, “I wanted to do something in my life that would make everybody forget about my failures", Lelee said—and that she did.
In 1992, Lelee became the visionary behind the 3x platinum,  Grammy-nominated supergroup we know today as Sisters With Voices (SWV). Along with her group members, Cheryl “Coko” Gamble,and Tamara “Taj” George, the trio went on to sell almost 30 million records to date, with songs like: "Weak", "Right Here", and  "I'm So IntoYou" just to name a few. But, with all the accomplishments, notoriety, and monetary blessings achieved in the entertainment industry, Lelee still felt empty and unfulfilled. After realizing the real blessing would be in blessing others through her life experiences and pain, Lelee would dedicate her life bringing awareness to “TeenPregnancy Prevention”, “Domestic Violence”, and Child Sexual Abuse—all of which she experienced as a young girl. "Music literally saved my life", Lelee says.


Currently, Lelee continues to travel the world with SWV, became a first time author of her memoir, “I Regret The Day I Lost My Virginity--You are Not Your Past” --a book that will encourage and inspire women and young girls all over the world to “Be Your Best You”, no matter what your past says. "Picking up the pen to write about the things that I wanted to forget was one of the hardest things for me", Lelee said. Being no stranger to keeping it real, there is nothing watered down about this memoir. Lelee put herself out there to be judged in pure courageous fashion and she doesn't regret it one bit.

As CEO of her own production company, LYONSGIRL ENTERTAINMENT, LLC where she’s currently using her creative juices as a content creator, working on a podcast called “The Powder Room”, and recently joined the cast of WeTVs Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta with her talented son, Rapper Khi-Shine, and daughter Margaret. “I want to do it all”, says Lelee. "I'm all about creating opportunities that the industry just won't give you. I feel like I’m in the best space of my life and plan to take full advantage of it”.Being in an industry where they try to put an expiration date on you, I want to change that narrative. I want to encourage women like me to continue to dream,no matter what anyone says. If your "BEST YOU" come after forty, GO FOR IT!!